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WiiSX, El emulador de PSX para Wii


Un emulador de PSX para Wii esta siendo desarroyado por Emu_Kidid, Sepp256 y TehPola, y se espera la primer release publica de este antes de finalizar el año.

La informacion que se tiene acerca de esto es que:

  • Correrà backups de PSX a velocidad completa.
  • Soporte para SD, USB y DVD.

Este serà sin duda un gran avaze en esta pequeña, pero gran scene, los mismos creadores del proyecto han subido un video a YouTube, el cual muestra algunas imagenes de el emulador que esta en camino:


Entrevista con Emu_Kidid - Co-Autor de WiiSX (09-08-08) (En ingles)

 Entreviste hecha por Brakken

> So, you're porting PCSX to the Nintendo Wii and GameCube. What motivated you to do this?

The motivation has always been there, but Sepp256 and I decided to finally get the port started whilst Tehpola works on the dynarec for Wii64 to get it up to full speed. It's a very quick and dirty port right now, but we're slowly working on getting it to be more user friendly. Considering it's only a side project and that our main focus is still Wii64, this has progressed pretty far in such a short time

> Who is working with you on this coding project?

Sepp256 (aka GX guru) is working on the PEOPS GPU port to GX and other general coding throughout the port.

Tehpola is working on various important parts of the port, such as getting plug-ins statically linked and helping out with various endian issues.

I worked on getting the initial code compiling and running on Gamecube and Wii, but also putting together basic plug-ins such as Pad and CD-Rom.

> As PCSX is based on x86 code is it difficult to port it to it to a Power-PC architecture?

So far in the port, we are using the pure interpreter which is written in the C programming language, but is quite fast. This is why we chose PCSX, we knew that it was quite fast even on lower-end machines. Later on, we plan to get a dynarec up and running, however, we were quite lucky to find an already complete power-PC dynamic re-compiler written for this emulator, but it does need work as it relies on Mac OS quite a lot.

> What parts are ported and what remains to be done?

The graphics processing unit (GPU) is being ported with mainly software rendering right now, but will later hopefully all be possible in GX. Basic Input and CD-Rom support are somewhat working right now, however they both contain numerous bugs we are aware of.

The only part which hasn't been ported at all yet is the sound processing unit (SPU). It's not necessarily needed to get things tested but of course will get done eventually.

> Will the emulator support plug-ins?

The emulator uses statically linked "Plug-ins" so no, there's no support for plug and play "Plug-ins". We plan to utilize the best open sourced plug-ins right from the beginning to eliminate the need for different ones to be used.

> PCSX was recently updated with Network Play. Do you plan on implementing this feature?

Yes, we plan to add Network Play to PCSX after all the other major parts of it are complete and full speed. Net play will work through traditional wireless on the Wii and also on Gamecube throughout the BBA (and possibly through the USBGecko).

> What will be some major differences between the Nintendo Wii and Gamecube versions?

Hopefully by the end of it, they should be identical apart from the Wii version having input from the Wii input devices such as the Wii remote and of course loading from the front SD slot.

Speed wise, we're pretty sure we can get full FPS on the Gamecube and Wii without any feature loss

> Do you have any special plans for the emulator, like USB or Wiimote support?

We hope to support USB as soon as it's added into the libFAT cvs, however it might need some optimizations to get it working full speed. Wiimote support is pretty much a given these days with homebrew on the Wii, but we do plan to support the classic controller and possibly a nunchuck combo with the Wii remote. We also plan to add in DVD support once the menu is completed.

> Is there any set time-line on an initial preview release?

There's no set time-line yet, but it should definitely be before the end of this year.

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Imagen de raul alex

No puedo esperar que salga

No puedo esperar que salga aun recuerdo cuando jugaba MEGAMAN X6,X5 y X4 aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh que buenos tiempos

Imagen de _Kamikaze_


ya salio...xD

cierro esto

Excelente idea

Uff excelente idea, de paso a bajar unos jueguitos de psx que son muy faciles de copiar jiji.

Recordar viejos tiempos jugandos Resident Evil, silent hill, metal gear y otros mas.

Lo unico que me preocupa es el control, veremos que pasa con eso, aunque si soporta usb podria soportar un control usb similar al de psx (yo tengo un par :P)

Imagen de Daithör

De primeras no habrá

De primeras no habrá problemas con el mando de GameCube, muy similar al de PSX.

libdi o chip?

Para esta aplicacion q estan creando de PSX, se es necesario chip o ya con el libdi los leera? Espero y no se necesite chip :S

Imagen de Daithör

Si vas a utilizar el DVD si,

Si vas a utilizar el DVD si, si no no hace falta.

Editado: Me estoy adelantando, mas que librería probablemente se necesitará un cIOS

Imagen de _DSCS_

O.o O.O o.O

Alucinante XD

A ver cuando se hace esto para las PS3 sin retrocompatibilidad XDD

Si yo dije que tarde o

Si yo dije que tarde o temprano sacarian un emulador de psx jejeje o almenos tenia una idea para que la gente lo iciera pero ahora falta el de psp haber si lo pueden hacer

Imagen de Silv3r X

No hay duda, la scene no hay

No hay duda, la scene no hay limites, parece mentira que hagan un emulador de PSX en la Wii. Son increibles.


un emulador de psx para wii que fino

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